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We LISTEN & blend creativity, process & goals to create policy & programs that create a thriving org

The complexities of California employment law can be daunting.

We champion strong leadership and highly engaged employees by addressing how to make the most compliant and creative human resources decisions possible!  Our goal is to work with you to assess your current  HR processes and policies, make recommendations that will encompass federal, state and local laws, and proactively create an environment that embraces clarity of communication, employee engagement and employer responsiveness.

HR Compliance Solutions as a Win-Win

Compliance allows the team to get the best your organization provides under the People Services umbrella.  We recommend an annual audit to:

  • ensure you are in compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws.   
  • understand how new employment laws will impact your business. 
  • enhance communications so that all your employees understand how to make the best use of the programs and services offered. 
  • advise and counsel leaders and managers on how laws protect the organization as well as the employee creating a win-win strategy.

What makes a great (compliant) employer?

HR programs and services that include:

  • Benefits & ACA
  • Compensation Planning
  • Wage & Hour, FLSA
  • Disability & Leave Management
  • Handbooks & Postings
  • Learning & Development Programs
  • Privacy, HIPPA
  • Federal, State & Local Law
  • Anti-Discrimination / Anti-Harassment
  • Best Practices
    • HR Technology (HRIS)
    • I-9 for Remote Employees
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Manager Training


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